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Modern Mandir Ideas

Traditionally, a Pooja unit or Mandir were mandatory in all households and performing Pooja was considered holy. Even now, it is followed in a lot of house holds very genuinely. In the modern ear, we have seen few people who are not very particular in having a Mandir. But we suggest that everyone to have a Mandir in home to spread positivity and good vibration all over. For reasons like space constraint or design mismatch, if you are struggling to get Mandir in your home, we are here to help you by sharing few modern Mandir ideas which settles with your designs. Let us see few modern Mandir designs.

​1. Colorful Mandir

Adding colors to any place can never go wrong. Be it the garland, images of deities, diva or bell, go creative and add a sense of color to the Mandir to get a fresh look. Traditionally speaking as well, they say that it adds a amount of positivity to the home.  

2. ​Mandir in a cabinet

It is quite trendy and convenient in city homes where there is no separate place to have Mandir. A great Antique wooden carved Mandir, or wooden arts can make heads turn around your designs.

3. Wall Mounted

There is no limit in imaginations. Use unused wall or corners to hang the Mandir cabinets with a right decor sense and you are good. You have your wall decor along with small Mandir for yourself.

4. Mandir in a corner space

Separated from the rest of the space by a glass screen with beautiful motifs on it, with silver bell, silver lamps, and a beautiful statue of God sitting on marble top. Sit and meditate to get connected with your inner self. You will feel yourself connected.

The below corner space Mandir is giving us decoration goals!

5. ​Marble Mandir

Nowadays it is quite Marble Mandirs are quite trendy. There are various models you can go ahead with marble Mandir and especially it looks good when you have one idol instead of many idols. IT stays with the design as well.

​6. Texture on the walls

Indian temples are known for the intricate carvings done on stone walls. This Mandir is a beautiful amalgamation of stone carving and modern texture on the wall that can merged to create a design. The elegance of this Mandir is in its simplicity.


7. Back-Lit Jaalis 

While speaking on Modern Mandir, how can we forget jaalis? There is the best way to create a modern look into your Mandir. Be it MDF based, acrylic based, or Corian, we love all the designs. My personal favorite is Corian if you like backlit designs.

Generally, the establishment of a Mandir design for home is important for the house and to make the right choice you should discuss it with the interior decorator during planning stage itself. Tell how how did you think about our ideas? We are eager to see your Mandir ideas! Please post photos of your Mandirs as well.

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