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How to decorate bathroom with plants!

Plants are somethings we can find in most of the houses especially in balcony or terrace. Indoor plants have also become common in recent times in living room, bedroom, etc but plants in bathrooms? We do not find it as common as we see them in balconies. Let us discuss on why and how to decorate your bathroom with plants. What if we say, bathrooms are also one of the best places to grow in your house? You might wonder why do even need to have planters in bathroom but there are various reasons for that.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing
  2. Improves your design look
  3. Moisture absorbing plants helps you keep the bathroom dry and in turn reduces the growth of germs
  4. Purifies air
  5. Calms your soul and cleanses your body.

If these are not good enough reasons to emphasize to decorate your bathroom with plants, check the below Bathroom decor inspirations with plants and rest be assured that you will have bathroom plants after your finish reading this article.

Hanging Plants in bathroom

For small bathrooms where there is not enough space, you can chose to hang them from ceiling or in the rods in the bathroom or just windows, if they require little sunlight because having plants in any space will freshen up the look and design and you can find few decor inspirations below to decorate your bathroom with plants

Find the below decor where the plants are effortlessly hung in the windows.

Additionally this is another innovative way to get the plants in the bathroom and we are drooling over this just like you!

Place the plants in the corners of bathroom

Sometimes, the corners in bathrooms go waste and being consumed properly. In such corners, to light up the corner effectively, yo can place plants with pots over there. Below are few design inspirations on how to decorate your bathroom with plants

Don’t just leave any corner behind and utilize them like the below bathroom decor!

Decorate your bathroom wall with plants

Plants can be one of the best ways to decorate as wall art – as hangers in wall or placing on the ledgers. This can completely change the way the design is and make your bathroom look sophisticated with all those healing benefits. A simple wall art combined with plants or fragrance sticks combined with plants can elevate your ledger on the wall in the bathroom and give you a pleasant feel. Take few ideas and inspiration from the below to decorate your bathroom with plants.

Just place them in good-old fashioned Vanity area

The Vanity area in the bathroom is another great idea to place the small pots. Take few inspirations from the below decorate your bathroom with plants and immediately shift your outdoor pot inside your bathroom vanity area.

With a little bit of sunlight, the decor which is down is phenomenal and fits in perfectly like a charm!

Go kooky and combine all to give your bathroom an elevated look

There might few design tricks in getting your look right for interiors, but there is no harm in trying different combinations in placing plants as plants never disappoint the decor. Using all these methods, or combination of them, you can enhance the look of your bathroom.

To summarize, we hope you have now decided to decorate your bathroom with plants, If you have already done it or planning to do it, feel free to share us your design ideas with us!!

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