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How to Decor Your Stair wall?

With a larger wide of people loving a duplex houses or villas, we find out that stairs within house is becoming common now a days and feel there is an increase demand for stair wall decor ideas and suggestions. Do not worry if you are looking for stair wall interior decor, we have got you covered. Read this article for recommendations for stair wall decor.

Accent Decor for staircase wall

Accent furniture or vintage wall decor or a chandelier near the stair wall can be best used when you want to make a statement in your interior design. We absolutely love this classic piece used in the stair way along with abstract art on the wall.

Bookshelf in stair way

Look at this beautiful bookshelves across the stair case wall, which can be used as a space saver trick as well as makes a clear look in the interiors. this below decor has a corner space to sit and read them too, and we love the way it is designed.

The below decor is an another design inspired by bookshelves in stair wall and it definitely shouts the bookworm in the design.


There are many ways to decorate the stairwall and mirrors can add a statement to the look for the interior decoration. Place a traditional mirrors on the Foyer are with some wall decor or frames around it. This will never go out of style. If you are looking for some mirror inspirations, check out our other blog https://mushroomarte.com/index.php/2021/04/25/how-to-decorate-your-foyer-with-mirrors/?

Wall Artifacts

Any handcrafted piece of wooden work or any wall artifacts can be used in the stair wall and we have few ideas on how to decorate with artifacts. Firstly, we can use some shelves embedded on the wall and place few decor items like bonsai plants, candles, wall photos, etc.

You can also think of mixing few hand decors and also decorate and hang your wall to give a refreshing look to your stair wall.


Using indoor plants as wall decor is a particularly creative and beautiful solution. We can also use climbers as stair wall. But we personally prefer potted plants over creeps. But if you are someone who loves creepers can try that as well. Please see few decor inspirations for stair case with planters.

You can see the below decor where the potted planters in an intricate way and it looks amazing!

Photo Frames

Last but not the least, the absolute favorite is hanging frames on the stair wall decor. Who wouldn’t love hanging the family photo in the stair way.

See this photo frames in the decor and we absolutely love it!

Source: https://in.pinterest.com

We have some ideas and layout suggestions which can be used to pick up to suggest any ideas and we are sure that few ideas will be absolutely great on the stair wall!

What do you think about stair wall decorations? What do you think about our recommendations? Please suggest what do you think!

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