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Tips for Bohemian Themed decor

Colorful, sensational, bright, excitement, life – This is Bohemian for you! IF you are are a person who is loud and loves your decor in a loud fashion by adding colors, you must be a fan of Bohemian themed interiors. Let us see few tips for Bohemian decor for making your home as lively as possible.

Bright colors

When it comes to Bohemian, nothing is too much of colors. But if you are feeling confused, overarching color palette and work within that. For example, violet and gold, or rust and navy, or scarlet and mandarin.

Remember to also leave space for your eye to rest, otherwise it can become a visual overload.

Play around with Patterns

One thing the boho home never lacks is texture. Adding texture to your room can be achieved in so many ways! There is no limit in adding texture – Baskets, rugs, Wooden furniture, add anything it will still go along with the décor.

See these beautiful patterns and textures combined with a low seating arrangements! We cant stop drooling about it!

Low-Level Seating

The main philosophy of boho theme is relaxing. What can relaxing be without some low seater arrangements and a few colorful cushions? Let me see few low seater inspirations.

 Swings cant be missed!

Adding a swing to the decor to can always add an element to Boho theme. As Bohemian theme depicts relaxation, who wouldn’t want to add a swing to their decor!

Plants Everywhere

Plants can never go wrong. To lighten up a room or a corner, you can easily add a plant. In Boho, add plants in all ways possible – Monstera, Peace Lilly, and what not!

Lively Light Sources

You can use string lights, candles, chandelier, décor lights, hanging lights and lamp stands. A good mixture of all types of lights can give a good look to the home.

Layered Rugs

Many might wonder why do we need a rug? But add a rug to any room and it will instantly lighten up the room and they can go hand in hand with the design of the interior in an affordable way. And for a Boho themed, we need a layered rug where you can add patterns and colours to the theme..

 Vintage or Antique Masterpiece is a must!

Adding a vintage or antique item to your Boho theme is a must. It gives you a feel of the Boho. Add a accent furniture or a old dialing phone, it does the trick for you. See these below decor with accent furniture and mirrors.

Accent and Vintage chairs are also mostly used in Bohemian theme and see how the below accent chair shouts Bohemian !

In the end, we cant stress it enough to add all the items which you love in any type of décor and after all, it is your home and ensure you love every inch of it. Did you like our Tips for Bohemian Themed decor?

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