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Study Room Decor for increasing productivity

Our home and our owned spaced influences our day to day emotions and reactions. We will be able to set a mood and tone for the room in way the lights are present, or the colors can influence our minds and the interior decor choices which we make can create a mood. When it comes to studies, irrespective of whether you are in school, college or just preparing for some certification, there are inspirational decor to increase productivity while study or working! Let us find out some inspirations for study room to increasing the productivity.

Identifying Perfect Space for Study Room

To minimize the impact of disturbances, you must find a corner which is perfect for the study which includes proper ventilation, daylight as well as place which is susceptible to lesser noise. A perfectly lit room creates a sense of calmness and helps us concentrate better. Things to decide the right spot – Less noise, More daylight Good ventilation.

Keeping the right Decor for Study Room

Keeping the right decor is an important thing – Ensure the space is minimalist design. We can keep few peg-boards for To-do lists, a small book shelves, an organized place for stationary, and event plants.


Peg boards are recently used it many different ways and we can definitely use it in study room for more inspiration to keep any favorite poster or to hang necessary items, which we want handy, like the below decor inspiration. Keeping all our needs right in front of us will not let us waster time. Having something inspiration added to the board is an added bonus to you! Try this on your walls, even if you do not have any inspiring wall-decor and we are sure you would love it.


Who doesn’t want a study unit with an embedded book study where we can easily access all our offline stores. We are sure, seeing and reading the books for technical knowledge or just for a break during the study can be a good turning point ans can increase your concentration. Having a bookshelf in your study area is a visual productivity booster.

If you are someone who wants the study unit minimalist, be inspired by the below design where there is a small book shelf.

Organized place for stationary

Always have access to all storage units. An organized Study unit is half an achievement to increase your productivity. Once you’ve sorted everything you want to keep and store in a storage unit, take a moment to organize your living space in a way that is accessible and neat. Invest in an accordion folder with tab labels for easy access to physical documents, or a tiered shelving unit to maximize storage in small spaces.

Study Room
Source: https://www.houzz.in

See the below example for children study room where the wok are organized.

Study Room
Source: https://www.houzz.in


They say plants give a refreshing feeling and why not incorporate them to your study area. But remember, we do not want too much overload in our study area and it might be a distraction.

Inspirational quotations

IF you are someone who loves to have inspirations quotations, you must hang them on your wall, or even better create a vision board and place it on the study area. We’re this might create wonders!

Black boards or white boards

You can use black boards or white boards like this to keep an eye of the to-do list for the hour of for the day and that can be tracked to increase the productivity. Such type of decor inspires us to work towards our target.

Study Room
Source: https://in.pinterest.com

 Clean Study Space

Last but not the least, de cluttering the key. The space which is clean gives a sense of accomplishment and induces us to study or preform better. This cant be stressed enough that cleaning is the key. An unclean safe is a devils workshop.

Study Room
Source: https://www.houzz.in

If you are one those people who are unable to keep up your new year resolutions, try creating a study area for with the inspiring decor and we are sure it will work wonders! Try these methods in your study and tell us what do you think about these techniques for increasing productivity!!!

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