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Small Balcony Decor Tips

For people living in apartments, balcony space is a gateway for breathing fresh air and for creating a relaxing mood. And nowadays it is very common to see small balconies in huge apartment spaces. Even if you have a small space in your balcony, we can decorate it in multiple ways to transform your space to a give you a serenity. Let us see few ideas and décor inspirations for small balcony decor tips.

Adding in a small table

Adding a small table in the balcony with a chair can be your café to sip your hot chat or to get your morning caffeine with a blissful view of nature. This is very efficient way to utilize se your balcony space and if you feel there is no space for keeping the table all day, you can go for fordable tables and chairs and can be used only when needed.

Small balcony decor tips
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Placing plants can fix everything

There is nothing a green lush can’t fix! There are many reasons why plants are the best way to decorate your balcony. If you don’t have them already in your balcony, you must have them now. There are aesthetically pleasing, gives you’re a refreshing feeling, helps you breathe pure oxygen and improves your overall décor of your space.

Small balcony decor tips
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Low seaters and cushions

While outdoor furniture could be little way top of the budget, you can easily buy a low seater at very cheap rate and throw few pillows to give a cozy look to your balcony corner. Whether you want to read a book, sip your evening coffee, enjoy the rains, this is a perfect spot.

Small balcony decor tips
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Add Pattern with an Outdoor Rug

Amp up the look of your balcony with a patterned rug or runner. Be sure to choose one that will stand up to the elements. See few design ideas for the outdoor rugs.

Small balcony decor tips with rugs
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Decorate your wall

Decorate your wall using wall art, hanging plants and that creates a definition to your balcony and enlightens your space. See few design ideas for decorating walls.

Using Fairy lights

Using fairy lights can never go wrong and it instantly gives you a positive feeling when you step into the balcony after a long day and want to relax and play some refreshing music. This is our personal favourite to add lights to the balcony to and we could drool about it all day long.

Add a small cupboard for bar unit

A low seater or a rug with a bar unit at the corner can be your jam of the balcony and it can never go wrong when you have parties at home or having a happy hour for all by yourself. See few décor inspirations for outdoor bar units.

Show us your balcony ideas and we are more than thrilled to see how have you decorated your balcony!!

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