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Guide for selecting Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen is an important unit in the house and there are many things on which the look and design of the kitchen depends on and the major difference could be the right selection on Dado tiles in kitchen. It might be little confusing to select the right tile and trust me, we have been there and made mistakes as well. Just to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes in selecting the kitchen tiles, we want you to follow a step by step Guide for selecting Kitchen Titles.

Brainstorming before selecting the tiles

Think about the style of your home. Have a look through magazines and online for images of tiles you like. Try and not go against the style of your home – instead, work with it. This is the first step for guide for selecting Kitchen Titles.

Size of the tile

While large sized tile is suited for bathroom areas, preferably most of the residential areas benefit from the small sized tile. But if your kitchen is big, in that case, you can think about going with large tiles.

Color selection for the tile

The colour of the tile can also add a lot of definition to the kitchen. You must decide the color of the tile based on what mood you are looking for the kitchen. Do you want your kitchen as serene or relaxing or just fresh with bright colors? There are also ways to highlight your kitchen tiles with highlighter in the back in few areas, when you want to have a grand gesture on colors.

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Grouting for the kitchen tiles

Grouting is the technique of molding two tiles together and the colour of the grouting lines emphasizes and pattern and color of the tile as well. It can also add patterns to the tiles. Ensure the tiles are grouted properly to prevent the stain.

Source: https://in.pinterest.com

Texture of the Kitchen tiles

Texture plays a major role in the look of the kitchen. But you should also keep in mind the factor of maintenance, in terms of ease of cleaning the tiles. Usually, polished finish gives a glamour look and easy to maintain in the kitchen are as well.

Pattern of the Kitchen tiles

The pattern in the tiles creates a look for the kitchen and there are many options to look for at Kajaria Tiles and have good review in the traditional Indian Kitchen as well. There are Digital prints, designer patters and a wide variety to choose from. Let us see few examples of patterns which can add definition to your kitchen.

Natural light inflow for selecting tile

A glossy tile will suit a dark space as it reflects more light and when another point to keep in mind is to use lighter colours in small spaces and it can create an illusion of space. This a trick to be used when natural light is less in the areas.

Considering all the above factors, just ensure that whatever you choose in one room flows with the rest of your home’s style and this is one of a cost way to define a look of your kitchen. Please let us know what do you think about this article? Was it helpful for you in choosing the right tile?

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