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Vastu Based Paint suggestions for your home

Painting the house can be a challenging thing because choosing the colors can be tiring. If you believe in Vastu and want to imbibe the Vastu in the home in a traditional way, we are here to help you choose the paint colors. Let us see Vastu Based Paint suggestion for home in all the rooms. but Before to go ahead with the paint suggestions for room, let us see what does each color signify!

Significance of colors as per Vastu

RedPassion, power, emotions, warmth
BlueBeauty, contentment, devotion, truth
GreenGrowth, healing, fertility, prosperity
WhitePurity, openness, innocence, luxury
YellowOptimism, openness, study, intelligence
OrangeDetermination, goals, good health, comfort
BrownStability, satisfaction, comfort
PurpleRichness, luxury, graciousness, pride
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Paint colors for Living Room

The living room color as per vastu could be a off-white, neutral white or neutral toned colors. Vastu shastra tips for home reveal that a white color reveals purity, innocence and also symbolizes luxury.

Paint colors for Dining room

In the space where you bond with your family and spend more time must have some warm colors like peach and light shades of pink or orange. You can also use soothing shades of blue and green that help your family bond better and these colors growth, healing, fertility, prosperity.

Paint colors for the Master Bed room

Vastu shastra for home recommends blue, light shades of blue for the master bedroom. They symbolizes beauty, contentment, devotion, truth

Paint colors for the children’s bedroom

Vastu shastra for home suggests that children paint color must be chose with utmost care as this is their growing change. They recommend white or yellow color.

Paint colors for the Pooja Room

Yellow, which stands for optimism, openness, study, intelligence, is a favoured choice for the pooja room. While vastu shastra for home suggests that this is perfect across your home, it’s especially suited to your place of worship as in which direction is your pooja unit placed as well. You can also consider white, which harnesses purity and openness,

Paint colors for the Kitchen

According to Vastu, kitchen is the place which symbolizes fire and hence colors representing fire are suitable for the kitchen – saffron, yellow, red. They represent passion, power, emotions, warmth

Paint colors for the Bathroom

It is better to avoid al dark shades in bath room and it is recommended to use lighter shared in bathroom like peach or off- white.

We hope you understood what to pick for your home. To make it simpler, we have pooled a chart for all zone

Zone-wise quick glance at the best colors for your home

RoomSuggested colours as per VastuColours to avoid as per Vastu
Master bedroomBlueDark shades of red
Guest roomWhiteDark shades of red
Drawing/living roomWhiteDark colours
Kid’s roomWhiteDark blue and red
KitchenOrange or redDark grey, blue, brown and black
BathroomWhiteDark shades of any colour
HallYellow or whiteAny colour in deep shade
Pooja roomYellowRed
Home exteriorYellowish-white, off-white, light mauveBlack
Main door/entranceWhite, silver or wood coloursRed, deep yellow
Study roomLight green, blue, cream or whiteBrown, grey
Balcony/verandaBlue, cream, light tones of pink and greenGrey, black
GarageWhite, yellow, blueBlack, brown
Source: https://housing.com/news/choose-right-colours-home-based-vastu/

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