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Six tricks to make your room LOOK bigger

Let us be honest, how many of us expect our room to be a little spacious? We are with you. What if we say there are few design tricks just to make your room look bigger? Come find out the tricks to create a space illusion to make your room look spacious!

  1. Adding Mirrors
  2. Floor-to-ceiling curtains
  3. Neutral co lour paints
  4. Rugs to define spaces
  5. Lighting in right tone
  6. Using right accessories

1. Add a Mirror

There is a popular interior design advise which goes like, “If you need to fool the eye, add a mirror.” As a matter of fact, this is good advice even today and it can impact your room in couple of ways – Adding mirror to the farthest corner of the wall of a small room will make it look larger.  Mirrors can also help add visual height to a room. Similarly, glasses and reflective objective creates an illusion of space and does the trick for you.

Adding Mirrors to make your room look bigger
Source: https://www.houzz.in/

2. Floor-to-ceiling curtains

When the curtain is hung just below the ceiling that sweep all the way down to the floor is like seeing a waterfall cascading towards us and significantly, it makes the room big and it creates an mirage of space. And, ceilings instantly look higher.

Adding Mirrors to make your room look bigger

3. Neutral color paints

Although, this would have been emphasized many times by your interior designers, this is a must criteria and must not be ignored. Choosing the right paint color to your wall makes all the difference. Prefer Neutral color or white/off-white color to reflect the light in the room, which in-turn makes the room look spacious and bigger.

4. Rugs to define spaces

 Area rugs helps us define the space and can be used as a space separator. It not only makes the rooms feel finished and pulled together but they also they create the illusion of more square footage.

5. Lighting in right tone

Make sure your room gets enough sunlight as lights makes a room feel expansive. It there is limited sunlight, another trick is to use more than one lamps to spread light evenly around the room instead of relying completely on one overhead light.

6.Accessorize with right artifacts

Exposed furniture is also a key. Instead of using bulk furniture, using an exposed furniture can be a space-phantom. Also accessories with abstract arts and also one piece huge decor instead of tiny items. This might also create the definition of space and you might have just got what you need.

Other than the design techniques to implement, one key note is de clutter, de clutter, de clutter. That is the main key, just de-clutter your belongings for spacious rooms!

Hope you liked our tricks to make your room look really bigger! We are waiting for you to tell us what trick you have used and how do you think about it!!

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