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Ideas for Room Separators in your home

If you want privacy or if you want to separate your space out, using room separators are a good suggestions.The room partition walls are not only a great way to define spaces but also an amazing way to incorporate few textures and patterns to your interior designs. Let us see If you want privacy or if you want to separate your space out, using room separators are a good suggestions. Let us see ideas for Partition walls in your home!

Plants as Room separators

Using indoor plants as partitions is a particularly creative and beautiful solution to the room divider issue. We can also use climbers as partitions. But we personally prefer potted plants over creeps. But if you are someone who loves creepers can try that as well.

Another example of using plants as partition walls

Beaded Curtains as Partitions

Too many walls and a room can feel small and cramps, but not enough and distractions abound. This half wall with beams and a beaded curtain lets in plenty of light and air while still keeping the office area removed from the rest of the home.

Curtains for Partition walls in your home
Source: https://in.pinterest.com

Wall decor as Room separators

This amazing room divider actually hides an entire room away. When you have loads of artifacts for a showcase and you want to show it off in a blissful manner, using room partitions for showcase is a brilliant idea with dual purpose!

Sliding doors as Room separators

Sliding doors are another creative room divider option. These sliding glass partitions looks amazing!

Wooden doors as Room separators

Wooden artifacts is coming back to trends. A bit less privacy is possible with these wooden slat sliding doors, but the elegant appearance more than makes up for it.

The below wooden partition walls is a classic example that no trends can beat a classic wooden partition walls.

Bookshelves as Partition Walls

A bookshelf to divide a room is a practical use of space as seen here and it is a great idea. The more books you a mass, the more separate things get. The below bookshelf partition is a best example.

Jaalis as Partition walls

Installing an entire wall is not always an option. This large panel only affixes in a few places, making installation and removal easy. As you can see, it also gives a perfect place to display jaalsi as partition walls

The below trendy Jaali designs are also giving us major design goals. This definitely gives a classic look to the living space.

Here are top few ideas for Partition walls in your home!We would love to see how have you partitioned your walls and what do you think about us. Feel free to post your comments!

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