SIZE                                         410X410X155

FINISH                                     MATT

SKU                                          452


A matt finish basin measuring 410x410x155 typically refers to a bathroom fixture designed for various personal hygiene tasks. Here’s a breakdown of the description:

  1. Finish: The basin has a matte finish, which means it lacks the glossy shine of traditional finishes. Matte finishes are known for their modern and sophisticated appearance.
  2. Dimensions: The basin’s measurements are 410 millimeters in width, 410 millimeters in depth, and 155 millimeters in height. These dimensions provide an understanding of the basin’s size, which appears to be relatively compact and suitable for various bathroom sizes.
  3. Function: The basin is intended for holding water for tasks such as washing hands and face. The depth of 155 millimeters allows for a comfortable amount of water to be used while performing these activities.
  4. Material: The specific material of the basin is not mentioned in the description. Common materials for basins include ceramic, porcelain, and other durable materials.
  5. Installation: The description does not detail the installation method. Basins can be installed in various ways, such as being mounted on a countertop, wall-mounted, or integrated into a vanity unit.
  6. Design: The description does not provide design specifics. A matte finish basin can suit a range of bathroom aesthetics, offering a contemporary and sleek appearance that is often easy to blend with various design styles.
  7. Maintenance: Matte finishes can require more regular cleaning to avoid the buildup of fingerprints, water spots, and other smudges that can be more noticeable on matte surfaces

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