SIZE                           390x390x860

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The 390x390x860 Artificial Stone Stand Basin is a compact and elegant bathroom fixture that combines space-saving design with aesthetic appeal. Here’s a detailed description of this specific basin:

Dimensions: This basin has dimensions of 390mm (length) x 390mm (width) x 860mm (height), making it a petite yet functional option suitable for bathrooms with limited space.

Material: Constructed from artificial stone, this basin utilizes a blend of crushed natural stone and polymer resins. This material composition ensures durability, resistance to stains, and a sophisticated appearance reminiscent of natural stone.

Design and Shape: The basin features a unique design characterized by its square shape and tall stature. The compact dimensions and vertical orientation contribute to a modern and space-efficient aesthetic, making it ideal for contemporary and minimalist bathroom settings.

Texture and Finish: The surface of the basin boasts a polished finish that replicates the texture of real stone. The artificial stone material is engineered to mimic the intricate veining and patterns found in natural stone, enhancing the visual interest of the basin.

Installation: Designed to stand on its own, the basin is intended to be freestanding on a suitable countertop or vanity surface. Its vertical design adds a touch of elegance and visual impact to the bathroom space.

Functionality: Despite its smaller size, the basin is fully functional for daily hygiene tasks. It accommodates water for handwashing, face cleansing, and other minor activities. The basin includes a drain system for efficient water removal.

Maintenance: Cleaning and maintaining the artificial stone stand basin are straightforward due to its non-porous surface. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will help maintain its pristine appearance. The material’s resistance to chemicals ensures that standard bathroom cleaning agents can be used safely.

Customization: Depending on the manufacturer and design options, there might be choices available for color variations and surface patterns within the artificial stone material.

Visual Impact: The 390x390x860 Artificial Stone Stand Basin is not only functional but also serves as a visual focal point in the bathroom. Its compact size and vertical design make it an eye-catching element that elevates the overall aesthetics of the space.

Accessories: To complete the setup, consider selecting a faucet and drain assembly that complement the basin’s style and dimensions.

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