SIZE                                         420X400X140

FINISH                                     MATT

SKU                                          460


A white matt apple-shaped basin measuring 420x400x140 is a distinctive and visually appealing bathroom fixture. Here’s a breakdown of the description:

  1. Finish: The basin features a white matte finish. A matte finish lacks the glossy shine and offers a more subdued, non-reflective surface. White is a classic and versatile color choice for bathrooms, as it can easily blend with various design styles.
  2. Dimensions: The basin’s measurements are 420 millimeters in width, 400 millimeters in depth, and 140 millimeters in height. These dimensions provide an idea of the basin’s size, which seems to be moderately sized and suitable for different bathroom spaces.
  3. Shape: The basin is apple-shaped, resembling the form of an apple fruit. This unique design can add a touch of creativity and novelty to your bathroom decor.
  4. Function: Like any basin, this one serves the purpose of holding water for activities such as washing hands and face. With a depth of 140 millimeters, it allows for comfortable water usage during these tasks.
  5. Material: The specific material is not mentioned, but basins are often made from materials such as ceramic, porcelain, or other durable materials suitable for bathroom fixtures.
  6. Installation: The description doesn’t provide details about the installation method, but an apple-shaped basin could likely be mounted on a countertop or integrated into a vanity unit.
  7. Design: The apple-shaped design, combined with the white matte finish, creates a unique and charming visual element for your bathroom. The matte finish can add a touch of modernity while the apple shape introduces a playful and artistic aspect.
  8. Maintenance: Matte finishes generally require less frequent cleaning than glossy ones, as they are less prone to showing fingerprints and water spots. However, regular cleaning is still necessary to maintain the basin’s appearance

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