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How We Publish?

Online Business is incomplete without social media Presence. And in current scenario keeping pace with time while managing to keep regular connect with your customers, fans & followers is a tedious & Burning task. Thus to save startups like us Social Media Publishing tools come as saviors.

Seeing this need, there are many tools & apps in market. But we being as a Socially Omnipresent Company have given our trust to Publer for managing our almost 90% of tasks and remaining 10% is for us to give Publer the commands strategically.

Following are the Publer features, of which we are fan of are like Autoscheduling, Bulk Scheduling, inbuilt Link Tracking (from Bitly), Built in Photo Editor and best one is its Canva Integration. 

Auto Scheduling: This is the feature which saves your time by skipping the step of entering time every time we schedule post. Just keep the Auto schedule mode on and click on Auto schedule and its done! It schedule your post to nearest spot available as per pre-defined time table made by us.

Bulk Schedule: When we save our content as drafts inside publer every time we get content ideas. Now its time to schedule all the posts saved as drafts and we need not open each and every draft and publish or schedule them one by one. All we need to do is to edit content of all the saved drafts in single screen and just click schedule. Boom and its done at your prescribed timing.

Shortcodes: Another Powerful feature is shortcodes which has helped us a lot while we schedule all our posts. There are some text that we need to enter into each & every post, what we need to do is to save those lengthy text in form of shortcodes and while posting just write the shortcodes and all the text saved in shortcode automatically publishes with post.

Link in Bio: This feature is a boon to Instagram. It links your single links to page containing multiple image links with beautiful layout. The best part of this is we can give links of our other social media channels and website.

Browser Extension: This is the most used and most loved part of Publer by us. All the time we spend researching on latest trends ongoing in our niche. Every time we find something interesting for our audience we just need to use Publer browser extension to import the relevant useful data into our Publer Dashboard, and its done.

And Most Importantly you are always in touch with its support team while working on it, Just type in your query into chat box and you will definitely get your solution before move on to next task.

Now the Big Part is. All these Powerful features that we have mentioned above is being given by Publer in its Free Forever Plan itself. Isn’t it amazing! Thus for any startup its the ideal Publishing tool to start with.

Thank You Publer for being our life long partner. To get a look into all these powerful features, click here at Publer.

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